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This Katie Irani video series is dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba and His work through His close Mandali members, with special emphasis on Katie Irani.

Before her reunion with Meher Baba, Katie Irani initiated this series, by requesting that copies of footage and photos taken during her public talks worldwide be given to her estate (much of this is still coming in, and most welcome.) Katie herself gave the guidelines for this series, including her intention : “I feel that Baba wants this. It will draw people closer to Baba, and also people will come to visit Meher Baba’s Samadhi” located in Meherabad, 7 km from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra State, India. Jai Baba!

An autobiographical internet video series in which Katie tells her own stories is found on this website. Some of the videos in this series which do not specifically feature Katie Irani will shed light on some aspect of Meher Baba's ministry in which Katie was involved. Examples include Meher Baba's New Life presented here as a 3 part mini series (videos #11, #12, #13 in the series). Also perspectives and contributions of other mandali members throughout the entire series of Katie's anecdotes are used to provide a broader picture of the incidents and shed light upon how Meher Baba works (Ex: #4 video in which Eruch describes the pontoon bridge incident from the perspective of the driver, while Katie is a passenger).

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PART 8: Katie Irani and Meherwan Jessawala describe Meher Baba's use of Homeopathy (with Hindi subtitles)

PART 7: Katie works in Goher’s Clinic (with Hindi subtitles)

PART 5: Singing for Baba… and Katie too! (with Hindi subtitles)