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PART 10: Katie Horses

Katie Video Talk #10 is a light hearted video, funny, sweet, and short. Katie's expressive gestures convey her troublesome experiences and discomfiture upon encountering horses, when Baba asked her to ride a horse. A natural born actress, one immediately gets the sense of riding a horse during her storytelling, and much more implicit is her desire to obey and please Baba, no matter what the cost, and especially if she made Him laugh.

PART 9: Meeting Meher Baba's Mandali Members - interviews with Bhau Kalchuri and Meherwan Jessawala

Interview Topic: What is a Mandali?

V. S. (Bhau) Kalchuri

Bhau Kalchuri joined Meher Baba at the end of the New Life period, during the early 1950's. As a young University student working on his PhD, some of the older mandali questioned Baba about Bhau's ability to obey Him. Baba replied to them that Bhau knew more about obedience than they did. Accepted upon meeting Baba as one of His mandali members, Bhau has a lot to offer during this interview on the topic of what constitutes a mandali member, and graciously shares his role with Baba in relationship with his entire family, all of whom came to join Baba at the same timing.

Meherwan Jessawala

Meherwan Jessawala was a young boy living in Meherabad, Bangalore (at the Links), and many of the places Baba stayed during the late 1930's and early 1940's. Meherwan's older brother Eruch Jessawala was a lifelong intimate mandali circle member of Meher Baba. Eruch would often share with the entire family stories and lessons learned during his times with Baba. This video is a collection of precious jewels of Meherwan's exemplary perception of the importance of Meher Baba's mandali members.

Katie Irani as Mandali member

The observations of Bhauji and Meherwan in these interviews combine to shed light on the significance of Katie's role in Meher Baba's court. It is stated in Bhauji's Lord Meher that Katie was one of Baba's early Circle members, hence she was a Mandali member. These interviews of Bhauji and Meherwan provide a deeper understanding of Katie and the other Mandali as Mandali members in relation to Meher Baba.

PART 8: Katie Irani and Meherwan Jessawala describe Meher Baba's use of Homeopathy

KATIE IRANI tells about how during the Blue Bus tours in 1938-1941 Meher Baba would fill in as a homeopathic "doctor" as needed, taking symptoms and giving suitable homeopathic medicines to His disciples whenever they fell ill during their travels around India. An interview with Meherwan Jessawala provides additional information concerning homeopathic practice and its relation to Avatar Meher Baba.

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