In the course of collecting audio-visual materials for this series of Katie Irani autobiographical videos, it often happens that treasures which had been requested and collected specifically for this series are not immediately presentable in their entirety within the Katie Irani series video format.

These resources for this Katie Irani Video collection include interviews we conducted in 2012 and 2013, with permission to use for this series, of V.S. "Bhau" Kalchuri, Meher Baba's Circle member, and of Meherwan Jessawala, brother of Meher Baba's intimate Circle member Eruch Jessawala. Accordingly these interviews taken by request and with their permission are presented here to make them accessible to be viewed in full. Both Meherwan and Bhau's words are presented in full with transcriptions.

Further resources will be added in the future, as older ones are being processed, and new ones are being collected.

Copyright Information About Katie Irani Video Talks

Copyright © 2011 by Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar, India. All quotes of Meher Baba copyright Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust unless otherwise indicated. All photos used by permission of Meher Nazar Publications and the Mani S. Irani (MSI) Collection, and private collections. All rights reserved to the copyright holder.

Interview with V. S. (Bhau) Kalchuri

Interview Topic: What is a Mandali?

Bhau Kalchuri joined Meher Baba at the end of the New Life period, during the early 1950's. As a young University student working on his PhD, some of the older mandali questioned Baba about Bhau's ability to obey Him. Baba replied to them that Bhau knew more about obedience than they did. Accepted upon meeting Baba as one of His mandali members, Bhau has a lot to offer during this interview on the topic of what constitutes a mandali member, and graciously shares his role with Baba in relationship with his entire family, all of whom came to join Baba at the same timing.

Bhau Kalchuri Part One

Transcription available here.

Bhau Kalchuri Part Two


Bhau Kalchuri Part Three