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PART 7: Katie works in Goher’s Clinic

At Meher Baba's request, KATIE IRANI participated in the New Life by living in Bombay and working in the Japanese Consulate for over 28 years under His strict discipline, until she was able to retire at Meherazad. She tells the story of how her sister Dr. Goher Irani called her to retire early and return back into the ashram life, in order to help with the charitable work of Meher Free Dispensary - a free health care clinic - at Meherazad.

PART 6: Blue Bus Tours: Meher Baba Visits Holy Sites All Over India With The Women Mandali

In Part 6 video, when prompted by a young pilgrim to talk about Lord Krishna, Katie Irani recounts how during their travels on the Blue Bus Tours, they would often encounter advanced souls…, visit the tombs and shrines of Perfect Masters and Saints…, encounter masts…, as well as visit the sites of two previous Avataric advents: Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha.

PART 5: Singing for Baba… and Katie too! (in English)

Part 5: Singing for Baba…and Katie too! (released for Beloved Babas Birthday 25 Feb 2011) From footage taken a few months before her reunion with Baba (29 May 2009), Katie’s beautiful singing voice was tired, so pilgrims often lovingly sang to her (mid-Feb 2009)…this lively video includes darshan of many beautiful photos of Meher Baba.

PART 4: “Baba Never Performed Miracles…Yet Miracles Often Happened…” (in English)

Eruch Jessawala begins with a narration of his own account as a driver of the Blue Bus for a dramatic 20+ minute crossing over a wooden pontoon bridge crossing the Indus River (in early 1940′s before the partition)…then Katie describes being one of the passengers who witnessed this amazing feat against all odds…although the image of the pontoon bridge given in this video is a short bridge, the actual bridge they crossed was much longer, and their harrowing crossing went on for more than 20 minutes.

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