Transcript Meherwan Jessawala:
New Life Interview

Interview with Meherwan Jessawala
Meherazad, Ahmednagar

29 October 2013

Meherwan Jessawala graciously gave this interview upon request, along with his permission to use it for the Katie Irani video series (see Part #11). Copyright protected AMBPPCTrust.

Video Transcript Part One of Six

Opening Title screen:
Meherwan Jessawala,
a 60 min interview

Filmed in Meherazad
Mandali Hall,
29 Oct 2013

2nd Title screen:
Upon request, Meherwan
graciously agreed to
describe the impact of the
New Life upon his family,
to be used as Part #11 of the
Katie Irani video series.

3rd Title screen:
The full interview
is given here in
6 segments,
about 10 minutes each.

Meherwan Jessawala enters Mandali Hall, bowing at the threshold, and sits at his usual spot in the window.

Meherwan: Jai Baba! Are we ready?

Interviewer: Jai Baba, Meherwan (the clock tolls).

Meherwan: Jai Baba!

Interviewer: There's ants all along the wall next to him, is he okay?

Meherwan: What's that? (chitchat about ants) You have a good eyesight. Let them be... as long as they are not red ants!

Interviewer: Meherwan, thank you. Today we were going to ask...

Meherwan: Thank Baba!

Interviewer: Thank you Baba! ...about your family and the New Life. You were living in the Ashram from 1938 onwards...

Meherwan: Yeah.

Interviewer: ... and were you living there continuously? How was your family affected by the New Life?

Meherwan: Good question. Yeah, shall I start?

Interviewer: Please.

Meherwan: Jai Baba!

Interviewer: Jai Meher Baba!

Meherwan: Our family... Let me give you an introduction, (about) our family background. We were all staying in Nagpur, my Dad, my Mum, my brother Eruch, and my 2 sisters Manu and Meheru. My Dad was a very straightforward, honest, and practical person. He came up in life through sheer hard work and scrupulous honesty. That was his hallmark. From the very lowly beginnings of being a domestic servant to being a very highly paid Government official in Nagpur, he was the first person the British chose to be the Chief Inspector of Boilers in the whole of the Central Provinces, as it was known then, where Nagpur was the capital.

In that era, everything was steam power, there was no electricity. The main motive power was steam ... all the locomotives, the factories, everything that required movement was done by steam. The steam requires boilers, and boilers require maintenance and care. The British had these very strict boiler laws, and there was a lot of corruption, so in order to check that my Dad was made in charge of all the engineers that worked under him. He was illiterate, mind you. He just had 5 standards of education, and he had qualified engineers working under him. How could that be possible?

I don't know, but it was sheer hard work that made him come to that level. He was highly paid for that. He toured all over, inspecting boilers and all that. That was my Dad's background.

In my Mother's case, her whole family... she was born and bred in Ahmednagar, and her grandfather was very spiritually minded and all the children were brought up very strictly, to be very straight, honest and God-fearing. The brother and my mother's brothers and sisters, they were all very spiritually inclined.

That is how the 2 were brought together, my mother and my father. My Mother had spiritual leanings, and my Dad practical and straightforward. A unique combination, I don't know. Anyway, and in this background came Baba into the picture, to crown it all.

Baba had recently settled down in Meherabad in the early 20's, in 1923 or so. Her brothers, they used to go for long walks in Ahmednagar. Once they walked all the way past... up to Arangaon. It was quite forested, the road was just a dirt road. There they happened to notice a stranger sitting by the roadside with a lighted fire there, and a group of people all gathered around him.

They stopped and looked at them, and there was a person who was wearing a white sadra. They were all listening to what he was saying. Baba was speaking then. Baba saw them on the roadside and beckoned them to come, and they came and they sat down there. Baba continued with His discourse or whatever. They were highly impressed. They felt something Real was going on here!

Then Baba sort of encouraged them to keep coming here, in nice ways. They felt that He looked like Zoroaster come to them, with the sadra and all. He was speaking in Gujerati.

Then they wrote to my mother about this, and at the first opportunity she with all the children went and met Baba at Meherabad. That's how Baba came into the picture in our family. My Mother first saw Baba in 1925, just after He had observed Silence. That's how the... and I wasn't born then, the rest of the clan was already there. Eruch was about 8 or 9 years old. So this is our family background.

Thereafter Baba paid several visits to our house in Nagpur. Eventually in 1938, Baba gave the call to the family to leave all and follow Him. My Dad was very practical and very straightforward. Baba had called my brother Eruch to a hill-station in Panchgani about 75 miles from Poona. There He told Eruch, "Can you leave all and follow Me?"

He said, "Yes, Baba, anything is possible by Your Grace."

Baba was happy. He said, "Fine. Come and join Me from first August, 1938. Leave everything and join." Then He said, "Now go."

He called him all the way from Nagpur to say this. Then as he was leaving He called him again and said, "Is it possible for all your family to leave all and join Me?"

He (Eruch) said, "By Your Grace, anything is possible."

So He said, "Fine!"

That's how the whole family was hooked!

Video Transcript Part Two of Six

Meherwan Jessawala
New Life Interview
Part 2 of 6

Meherwan: Then He said, "Sell off everything and come on 1st August 1938 to Ahmednagar, and join Me in the Ashram." He (Eruch) came back, and He (Baba) gave other instructions also. So that's how our family left everything there. It was just at a very short notice, something like the New Life for us. That was the beginning of our New Life.

He (Baba) called him I think in April, and he was asked to join in August. So in 3 months' time he (Eruch) had to wind up the whole jingbang lot of everything. The big bungalow that we had, the possessions, servants, so many dependents. It was a Herculean task. Somehow, by Baba's Grace of course, Eruch succeeded in getting everything done and we went off. Baba told Eruch to, "Sell off everything, but bring Papa's car with you. You can come in the car."

Papa in the meantime had to obtain the permission from Baba to stay on for another 6 months, because he could do voluntary retirement after 6 months, so that he could get half the pension. So he sent word to Baba, "should I retire right away, then I'll lose the pension, or I could come 6 months later." Promptly the reply came, "Stay back, get your retirement properly done, and then come." He needed to do a lot of touring, so he told Eruch, "Let the car be here, I'll bring it along."

We all came by train, so when we arrived Eruch said, "Baba we've come." Eruch felt proud about it, that it had all been achieved. Baba would be happy.

Baba said, "Have you brought the car?"

Eruch said, "No, Baba."

(Baba said), "Why not? What was My order?"

Eruch said, "Baba, this is what happened. My Dad had to do this..."

(Baba said,) "But can't you not have brought the car, then I could have sent it back? You disobeyed Me right at the start! Now you've left a permanent scar on My heart."

That's the reception he got for doing all this... The pride that he felt about achieving this, was straightaway extinguished by Baba there and then. Short work. That's how Baba deals with people.

Then of course we all started staying in the Ashram. I was a small kid. We were there in the Ashram for quite a few months, then Baba started on the Blue Bus journeys. He took all my people, my Mother and sisters, and later on Eruch, on these Blue Bus tours. I was left behind because my Dad was worried about my education, so I had to stay behind in Akbar Press, the family home of my mother.

They all went on their journeys, (Blue Bus journeys started in Dec 1938). Then later on I was also called to join Baba in the Ashram, and we were all in the Ashram. Thus for some time we were there, and then when Baba came to Jabalpur, He asked the family to settle down there. So all over again we settled down there. I was entered in a school there. Baba was there for some time. Then He left... after some time He left there and we were asked to stay back. That was Baba's order. We did that. Then Baba proceeded on to Bangalore.

Pilgrim: Did you get a house in Jabalpur?

Meherwan: Yeah. From Bangalore He sent a telegram, "Leave all and come to Me, and join Me in Bangalore." So we left all the things in Jabalpur, packed up, and joined Him in Bangalore. That's how we kept going with Him, and getting deposited every now and then. That was the life that we had to go. Eventually from Bangalore, Baba again after some months, He decided to go back to Meherabad. He told the family to stay on in Bangalore.

That's when we again settled down in Bangalore, and got a nice cottage on hire. The whole family settled down there. For years we were in Bangalore. And then suddenly at that time the War was declared, because the War was in full swing. There was emergency declared in the country, and there was great panic that Bangalore would be bombed. My Dad was anxious, he wasn't there. So he sent a... in Baba's name he sent a telegram, "Come immediately and join Me."

Pilgrim: When you would settle, would your father go back to work, or would Baba support the family?

Meherwan: No, no... Baba used to look after the family. We gave everything to Him. Then we left Bangalore and went to Dehra Dun. Baba was in Dehra Dun then. So there Baba was surprised to see us. He said, "How did you all come without My permission? Did I not tell you to stay on in Bangalore?"

Eruch said, "But Baba, here's the telegram."

Then Baba saw it and He said, "This is from Ahmednagar. Who sent this?"

He (Eruch) realized that it was his Dad, that (Eruch's Dad) got panicky and did this little thing.

Anyway, Baba then said, "Now go back, I don't want you all here. I didn't call you. You don't need to come on My chest. What is this? Go back!"

So we turned around – we had given up everything and just came with all our little bags and baggages. On the long journey from Bangalore to Dehra Dun we lost all our baggage, only handbags were left with us.

Baba said, "Go back."

Where to go?

We just went out..., and standing at the gate, thinking where to go now. And then Baba called us back, and said, "Alright, since now you've come on My chest, now get yourself into the Ashram."

That's how we got into the Ashram.

Pilgrim: Real nice welcome!

Meherwan: Yeah, a rather unwelcome welcome. That's how that phase happened. I got again admitted to school in Dehra Dun and there I started work. Eruch used to give me tuitions to keep up, because I was losing quite a lot of lessons in all this transit business. Thereafter Baba suddenly decided to go back to Meherabad. So off we went, leaving everything, and we came back to Meherabad.

From Meherabad, Baba then said... after some time He told the family, "Now you all go and stay in Poona."

Then my sisters now tell Baba, "Not again, Baba!"

It was too much!

So Baba said, "Just for a few days, go. I'll call you back in about 20 days. Be there, I have some work."

So we went to Poona.

Pilgrim: What year?

Meherwan: 1942, December or something, beginning of '43. We settled down in a hired place called Bindra House, just to while away the time for a few days, to be called back into the Ashram. Ever since then, we were in Bindra House. Baba said, "I will keep coming often even in that little period, and meeting you all. Don't be disturbed, be there. It's My order." We went there and were there. I was entered in a school again there, and started going to school and Baba kept visiting us, but the call never came. That is how we were in Bindra House from 1943 until 1949.

Video Transcript Part Three of Six

Meherwan Jessawala
New Life Interview
Part 3 of 6

Meherwan: In 1949, then another bombshell came to us. That was Baba's announcement of going into the New Life. Now we had been leading quite a few new lives, but this was something different, because here Baba said that "In this New Life, I will be giving up everything connected with the old life. I will have no connection with the old life disciples. I will only take a few whom I select as My companions, and they will accompany Me in the New Life. The rest of you all stay where you are, and you will have no further connection with Me externally."

That was it. All external connections would be ended once and for all. He would go into the New Life and never return. We were to stay and never expect to see Baba again. He also instructed the old life people that "if they happened to see Me anywhere, on the road or anywhere they were, they had immediately to turn their backs, turn around and walk away, not to even try to see Me."

So that was the order.

There were meetings of course that happened in the New Life. It all began, the New Life... I must say that in 1949, this was about the end of July, that Baba entered into the Great Seclusion in the Blue Bus cabin that you see here (points). For 40 days Baba would sit in seclusion in that cabin. It was a very strict seclusion, this bus had been cordoned off by bamboo matting. Nobody could look that side. All the Mandali who were here, they were not supposed to even look in that direction.

Only Kaka Baria who was the manager here was allowed to come into the enclosure only when Baba clapped. So for 40 days Baba was closeted in the bus, and for a few brief days in the middle He came to Poona to continue His seclusion work there as a change of scene. The work He was doing in seclusion in the cabin was so very high powered that night and day He was working, fasting, working, resting sometimes, and no one knows what went on there. He took great suffering upon Himself.

There was a time when later on Baba said... He suddenly stood up, and there was a rack there in the cabin, and it hit Him on the head, so hard that He felt giddy, and got almost knocked down. Baba said that it was spiritually quite significant that He had to have this knock on the head, and it was a part of His work, as it were.

Later on we got it padded so the Pilgrims who come later on don't get similarly injured, the padding is still there. After the seclusion was over, Baba then suddenly declared that now He had decided to go on the New Life. That was the work He was doing in seclusion, and that all external connections with us would be snapped.

On 16th of October Baba, with I think 20 of His companions, left for the New Life. Before going into the New Life, He came to our house (to Bindra House, a few days before) and met all of us. Of course when He declared about going in the New Life, there were meetings held in Meherabad. My Dad and my sister Manu, they were called to attend these meetings, and they came to know about it all during those days.

When they left Baba told them to inform all of us what had happened. So when they came and gave us all the news, we all felt completely stunned. Something that we never anticipated. No external contacts, no seeing Him again. Our entire life just revolved around Him, and without Him in our midst, what was left to do now?

Pilgrim: How old were you at this time?

Meherwan: 19 years, I was born in 1930, so (this is 1949) '49... I was still going to college and all that. For a few days, we just felt very quite stunned. What next, now what do we do?

We thought that Baba would never see us again, from that time on. My Dad was also very gloomy and very moody. He just couldn't bear the thought of not seeing Baba and Eruch and all the dear Mandali again, and it was as if he felt quite lost. He just would sit gloomily on his chair in his own room, not talk to anybody. When it was lunchtime we would call him and he would grudgingly come to eat. One of the times when he was having lunch... we were all having lunch together, the family. Manu was sitting on his left, I was on the right, and Mama and all were all around the table. My sister slurped her curry, she had prepared curry and rice (clock tolling).

My Dad suddenly shouted to her, "Stop slurping the curry. What is this, you don't have any table manners?"

She just ignored him, she was also in her own thing... My Dad got very irritated. He got up and gave her a tight slap across the face. Then he suddenly realized what he had done, because he had never ever lifted his hand on his children. Although he was extremely strict, there was no physical violence of any sort. When this happened, he himself was quite shocked. He just went off... there was a toilet nearby, he went there and sat on the floor and then began to weep loudly, like a small child.

Then I got up and consoled him and said, "Dad, please get up." "No, son, I feel very shocked. I've never done this before, and I don't know what has come over me. I feel extremely sorry about this, and I don't know what's come over me..."

I consoled him, I got him to wash his face and all and said, "Come on, Dad, come back to the table."

He said, "No, I've no appetite."

He just walked off into his room, and sat there gloomily.

That was the impact on our family. It was quite serious.

Video Transcript Part Four of Six

Meherwan Jessawala
New Life Interview
Part 4 of 6

Meherwan: People ask us, "Did you really believe that you would never see Baba again?"

I said, "Of course, we believed it 100% that we just would never see Him again. That was it."

Where was the question of there being any doubt in our minds that someday we might be able to see Him again?

No, Baba had made it specifically clear that we would never see Him again, and that when He dropped His body, His body was to be brought and interred in Meherabad in the Samadhi. That was the only place that Baba left in His name. The rest of the properties all around Meherabad, hundreds of acres around Meherabad, were disposed of in the New Life. So the finality was there that He had made arrangements even for His end, and that His body should be brought there and interred without delay. So you see how it was. It was quite strict.

Then Baba, before going into the New Life, came to Bindra House, and that was the time that we saw Him for the last time. He went to Papa, consoled him, told him to be brave, and to look after the family as he was doing for all these years. He had his little pension, so Baba said now to live frugally. And that for a year He had made provision for the family, several of the family, and asked him to be careful about money.

Then He came to the hall, and we all assembled there. Baba repeated what He said to my Dad, and He tells my sister Manu and Khorshed who was Eruch's wife, she was staying with us. You all know that Eruch was married before going into the New Life - his wife used to stay with us in Bindra House. So He tells both of them, "Now you both do something to get employed - learn typing and shorthand, you might be able to get some job in an office. Do that and help Papa with the finances."

And that after a year or 2 we had to be on our own. "So do something and get yourself employed."

That's how Baba said all these things. He told Manu to show Him where we stored all our grains and supplies. We had a little storeroom. He went there with Manu and all the boxes of grains and sugar and tea, and all the boxes were opened. Baba passed His hands through all these things and tells Manu, "See that you don't empty out these things. Don't empty out the contents completely. Before it gets empty, fill it up again, so that My touch will be there, will be maintained."

That's how He impressed upon us that this is final. So saying, then afterwards He left, and we all went there giving Him a sendoff. Then He calls me and says, "Look, I'm taking Eruch with Me on the New Life. He's going to be assisting Me in the New Life. You assist your Dad in looking after the family. That's your responsibility now."

A nice practical arrangement. Baba was as ever very practical. So saying, He left. And that was it.

Then 16th October came, and Baba left for the New Life. We had no word what happened, when, what, how did it start, what happened…until much later, when people who were there came and told us things, but we had no news of what happened. Then the finality began to sink into us.

We started to carry on our duties. Manu and Khorshed started to learn typing and shorthand. Papa got some tutor to come and teach them at home, so they were practicing for a few hours and also doing housework. They were trying to learn all these things, to get proficient in typing and shorthand, to become a stenographer or anything. I was of course going to college yet. I had to finish my studies. For the first few days I just couldn't concentrate, but later on I settled down. I began to go back to normalcy.

I had to do marketing in the morning every day for the family. So I went to the market early in the morning to get the supplies of vegetables and meat and all that. It was early morning, and I was there in the market. The market was quite deserted in the morning. Very few stalls would be open. At the backside there would be hawkers on carts who sold the same wares but much cheaper. So I was there at the back and there was a lane that was going from the side of the market in towards Main Street. I happened to look there, and I suddenly saw Baba, with a few of His companions, walking briskly down the lane.

There was a mastani who used to sit on that lane on the footpath on a heap of rubbish, quite naked, just sitting like that in the market place. She was totally unconscious of the surroundings, so obviously Baba must be going to contact her. But when I saw Baba, I got a shock that I've seen Him! I just turned round and fled from there, and felt extremely upset that even unintentionally I had disobeyed Him. Such was the impact of it.

I rushed back, hurriedly did the marketing inside and came back. I told the people about it all. Thereafter there were no further sightings.

Pilgrim: How far into the New Life did that scene happen?

Meherwan: A few days. Baba was traveling to Belgaum, it seems, and He had passed through Poona. He just was passing through Poona and He decided to go and contact masts there.

Pilgrim: Meherwan, did you think you would ever see Eruch again?

Meherwan: No! The whole thing was taboo. Not... as we should take the sight of them as plague! That's how we felt.

Video Transcript Part Five of Six

Meherwan Jessawala
New Life Interview
Part 5 of 6

Pilgrim: What did your father do to keep himself engaged?

Meherwan: He started to get in touch with people who made Baba lockets and all that. He searched out places. He went to Bombay and Kalyan and all. He got a wholesaler who used to do these, and so Papa started doing some little business on Baba lockets, which I didn't like, but I had to assist him in doing that. He was quite strict about it. He would make all the labels and the prices and this and that.

He had become friends with Keshav Nigam of Hamirpur. Hamirpur at that time was beginning to get very warm to Baba. So... there was a great demand for lockets and pendants and all. Papa was doing quite a little flourishing side business there, to augment the family income.

He would do odd jobs. He was called to establish a factory, a soap factory in some place in central India, a very hot place. He worked hard to build a soap factory there. One of his friends had said you have all the experience to come and help us start this. So from scratch he built up the factory, got it done. After all the effort that he did, that fellow was a little tight fisted, and he gave him a couple of hundred or five hundred rupees, when he expected several thousand, for all the job that he had done. So he comes and shows it to me, "Look, son, what they have paid me."

Some check of five hundred, or... but nevertheless banked it, whatever little. That's how he was able to manage. I was carrying on still with my studies.

Then in 1951 exactly 1 year to the date of Baba's joining the New Life, Baba declared that He was going to enter for 1 day, going to step back into the Old Life because He has to convey some message to old life followers. That's when all the circulars went out and we all were invited, but there was a condition, that if anybody had any engagement or if there was anything they needed to do on that day, then they should not come. And because of that, I couldn't go, because I had my graduating exam on that very day. Baba's order was not to come, so I couldn't go. That was in 16th October 1950.

Then several months later Baba was in seclusion in Mahabaleshwar. I think that was in 1951. A few months' later, in April or so, Baba decided to go into a very deep seclusion of a very long period of 100 days. It was known as the 100 days' seclusion. Baba said that He had to do very intense and powerful Universal work, so He had got a special straw hut made inside the room. He sat in seclusion in that straw hut. He was doing extremely high powered work there. Nobody was allowed to see Him. He had these big lights put inside to work in the night, and then He would work in absolute darkness for a few days. And so on, it was something that nobody could understand.

He had sent word to Adi that since... Adi had left the New Life then, and had come back to Ahmednagar. He was sent a telegram by Baba that he should arrange to get a good bungalow in Poona, that He would need to take a change of scene in the middle of the seclusion, because it would be very intense and high powered, and He would require to have a change and continue the seclusion at a different location. So he came over and tells me, "Let's search for a bungalow for Baba."

All the Poona lovers set out in various directions, to find a bungalow for Baba. After great difficulties, we managed to secure for the first time Guruprasad. It was in the nick of moment that we were able to get Guruprasad.

So in 1951, some time in April or May, Baba came to Guruprasad for the first time, and stayed there for a few days, and because of the hard work that we all had done, Baba asked some of the ones who had done that work to come and see Him there, as a reward. So I was one who was also called. We all went there. At that time in Guruprasad in the main bungalow, Baba with the women were staying, and there was a guest house a few feet away from the main bungalow. So the mandali, the men companions were staying there in that guest house. The guest house was also like a palatial thing.

So there Baba came, and when He came He had to be assisted by two Mandali, two of the men, because Baba was extremely weak and exhausted after the seclusion. He had piles... trouble of piles. When He did very high powered work, always there would be some repercussions on His physical body. This seclusion had resulted in His developing severe piles. They bled and they were extremely painful to Him, so much so that He couldn't even sit. He had either to lie down or keep standing or walking, but everything was a great strain on Him.

So when He came to see us, He came there assisted by the two men and then He stood in the doorway with the support of the frames and met us. When we saw Baba, I had never seen Him so totally emaciated and weak. He had been pulled down and looked extremely exhausted. He was still doing seclusion work, mind you, even in Guruprasad.

So we were there, and I felt extremely uncomfortable to see Him like that, standing and me sitting down on the floor in front of Him. I felt that He should send us away soon. I could hardly bear to see Him standing like that, barely able to support Himself. He noticed all this, so in order to draw all our attention away from His condition, He asked Nilu, one of the companions, Dr. Nilu, to recite a funny story to entertain us. Mind you, how can we be entertained by seeing Baba in that condition?

Somehow we heard the story, and hardly felt like laughing, even though it was a very funny story.

Video Transcript Part Six of Six

Meherwan Jessawala
New Life Interview
Part 6 of 6

Meherwan: Baba was there, and at that time it was the time for my final exams for graduation. He asked me about what I was doing. I said, "I'm appearing for my final now."

He (Baba) said, "Have you prepared, have you studied?"

Eruch says, "Have you studied?"

Then Eruch said, "Baba, how can he study? He was searching for the bungalows and all, I don't think he could have studied."

Baba says, "Will you pass?"

I just said, "Yes, Baba!"

How, I don't know. I'd not done any studies for the last so many days, not touched anything.

Baba says, "Fine! Okay, but now you go and concentrate on the studies, and no more fooling now. It's all over."

Then of course He sent us back. It was a great relief to me at least, to be sent back, because seeing Him stand there for entertaining us, it was very difficult to be in His Presence. Such was the condition in the New Life. He had worked Himself very much all throughout the New Life. It was one of extreme hardships and untold suffering for Him and His companions. You have no idea.

Then eventually Baba was there in Guruprasad. He sat in several caves around the area. He was doing good work there. Then He returned to Mahabaleshwar, completed His stay at Guruprasad and went back to Mahabaleshwar and completed His seclusion work there.

Then He decided to go to Hyderabad, and that is when we were called, we were sent a letter that Baba was going to Hyderabad. He was going to hold a meeting there, and that my Dad was invited to come there for the meeting. He (Baba) would come to Bindra House on His way to Hyderabad. That was the first time Baba came to Bindra House, and my Mama and Manu and Khorshed all saw Baba after the New Life (had begun).

Then Baba had His lunch there at Bindra House and went up to Hyderabad. From Hyderabad Baba called all these people, and He said that now from October 16th 1951 to April 1952, He had to do very high powered work to attain what is called Manonash, the annihilation of the mind.

He had to finish four months work which would require several million lives to attain. With His physical exhausted condition, you can imagine what that meant. He called a meeting and He told them about this and said that you all are witness to this, and now I will be entering into this last phase. If by God's Grace I am successful, then My work in the New Life will be over, and I will step back into Old Life once again, not Old Life, but "Life".

Then from Hyderabad He started the last phase, and with a few companions He traveled all the way from Hyderabad back to Meherazad. That's when He came here up Seclusion Hill and completed His Manonash work. The weather was very bad, so He had Padri called and dismantled those 2 cabins and built them here. In the meantime Baba continued His seclusion in the Blue Bus. After that was over, Baba declared that His work was successful, and that the annihilation of the mind, that what He had determined upon, had been successfully achieved. That was the end of the New Life. Jai Baba.

Pilgrim: When they were in Guruprasad and He saw some of the caves, was it the Pataleshwar caves, on J. M. Road?

Meherwan: Yeah, yeah. those, and several others also.

Pilgrim: Do you know the other ones?

Meherwan: Near the Parsi - Zoroastrian place where they take the dead, He sat there – at a Zoroastrian Tower of Silence, there He sat and several other places.

Pilgrim: Meherwan, you didn't tell us how you passed your exams.

Meherwan: As Baba had said that I should study, I went home and started to look at my books. I had to study 92 elements in Chemistry. So which elements to study?

(There were) 92 elements (to study) in a few days! I was just reading 1 or 2 elements, and I read about Uranium. I read everything about it, and a few other elements, and in the exam, that same question came: select one of these subjects and write an essay on that. I wrote (on uranium)... and I scraped through and got my degree. That is how Baba's Grace helps you... just that element from all those other elements.

Meherwan gets up to leave, with bells ringing for pilgrims to board the bus.

Jai Baba!