Website History

Katie Irani's internet video series is an autobiographical series set up by Katie Irani herself, to be placed on Baba websites around the world. This site is designed to host all the videos which are current for the entire series. Currently the series is being subtitled in Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Farsi, Spanish, and Italian, and placed on corresponding websites around the world. Links to our website pages with subtitles are provided above.

Katie joined Beloved Baba on 29 May 2009. During the last few years of her life, she requested webmasters of Meher Baba websites to host her autobiographical video series.

The inception of this Katie Irani internet video series began with an event which occurred during the pilgrim season of 2007-8, when 4-5 Chinese people came and greeted Katie Irani on Mehera’s veranda in Meherazad (12 km from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India). Katie asked them how they came to know about Meher Baba. With great mutual surprise, they replied, “From you only! We saw you on the internet! So, we came to see His Samadhi, and to meet you!”

Katie recognized the value of this exchange, for she had served as a personal private secretary to more than a dozen Japanese Consul Generals in their Bombay office for 28+ yrs. After some reflection, she started to give the stories for her biography as small vignettes, and also started requesting pilgrims to send to her or later on to her estate the photos and footage of her public talks given around the world during the 1990s and also at Meherazad and Meherabad between 1970s until her reunion with Beloved Baba. Anecdotes, photos, audio recordings, and videos are most welcome for copyright protected use on this project. You may still honor Katie's request by contacting us via the email form on our Contact Us page here.

This footage she set up to be used as part of her estate in order to create this ongoing series year after year, for the sole purpose to draw people closer to Meher Baba and to visit His Samadhi here in India. Katie did this because she felt “Baba wants it”.

Additionally, Katie personally invited many people around the world to contribute and assist with this project. Currently (2013) more than 150 people lovingly donate their time, expertise, and resources for each of these videos. Their contributions are invaluable and greatly appreciated as their love gifts to the Beloved.

Following is a list of Donor categories:

  1. Raw Un-edited Footage
    1. Katie Irani Collection - Katie personally requested copies of all footage of her public talks and photos taken of her to be added to her collection for her personal use, which she delegated to be used for this project according to her guidelines.
    2. LA Archives
    3. Sheriar Foundation
    4. Witness Series
    5. Irwin Luck Collection
    6. Private Donors - Many individuals received permission from Katie to video tape her public talks around the world, and have subsequently donated copies of their footage to Katie's collection.
  2. Photographs
    1. Photographs used by permission from a variety of collections around the world
      1. Meher Nazar
      2. MSI
      3. LA Archives
    2. Cooks Collection Euroarchives?
    3. Photographs used by permission from individuals
    4. Photographs technical clean up with the loving help from many individuals around the world.
  3. Interviews
    1. Included are audio and video footage of various mandali members on topics relevant to the series
    2. Research with family members of Katie, including her sister, Dr. Goher Irani
    3. Individuals share their stories of Katie
  4. Technical Help from Bollywood to Hollywood and around the world:
    1. Audio
    2. Video
    3. Webpage
  5. Subtitles
    1. Many individuals and teams have helped to create different languages subtitles for this Katie Irani video seriecs to upload on to Meher Baba websites globally.
  6. Screenings of videos prior to worldwide release.
    1. This feedback is essential to the overall quality of each video.
  7. Legal Assistance
    1. Copyright issues
    2. Various aspects of the project require legal guidance
  8. Research
    1. People contribute ideas, internet links, photographs, audio links
    2. Links to many Baba websites
    3. Journal articles
      1. Love Street Lamppost
      2. Love Street Breezes
      3. The Awakener Magazine

Furthermore, Katie Irani simultaneously authorized her biography which is currently being researched. This will be published in book format some years from now.